M19 Organisationsberatung, Diagnostik im CoachingThomas Giernalczyk | Mathias Lohmer |
Carla Albrecht

Diagnostik im Coaching

Diagnostic competence and a systematic diagnostic approach are considered to be crucial impact factors for a successful coaching process. From a psychodynamic point of view one important approach for capturing the client‘s initial situation and generating working assumptions is the analysis of the coach’s countertransference. For a thourough understanding this method is combined with scenic understanding and questionnaires on psychodynamic leadership styles.

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M19 Organisationsberatung, WirtschaftspsychologieThomas Giernalczyk | Markus Zimmermann |
Lena Schiestel

Wirtschaftspsychologie: Managerversagen und Derailment

The article examines the derailment phenomenon from a psychodynamic perspective, drawing on two case studies. The first case looks at the behavior of an ambitious chief executive officer who leads his organization in difficulties by disregarding the primary risk. The second case describes the micro-political strategizing of an area director and the common psychodynamic and systematic conditions that lead to poor business decisions with severe consequences.

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cover_unternehmenThomas Giernalczyk | Mathias Lohmer (Hrsg.)

Das Unbewusste im Unternehmen: Psychodynamik von Führung, Beratung und Change Management.

Management, cooperation and change are highly influenced by unconscious processes. The greater the extent to which these are taken into account, the better the chances of positive strategic action. When tapped into systematically, the unconscious can be a source of creativity and productive energy in an organization.

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cover_gesundes_fuehrenMathias Lohmer | Bernd Sprenger | Jochen von Wahlert

Gesundes Führen:
Life-Balance versus Burnout im Unternehmen One effect of continuous acceleration and intensification of work in our society is an increase in mental illnesses. How can companies respond accordingly to changes in the world of work? What influence do managers have over the work-life balance of individuals, and how can they ensure that a company remains healthy? This book paints a picture of an organizational culture in which ‘healthy leadership’ promotes a successful balance between the demands of a job, and an individual’s social, mental and physical needs.

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cover_psychoanalyseMathias Lohmer | Heidi Möller

Psychoanalyse in Organisationen: Einführung in die psychodynamische Organisationsberatung

With his work on cultural theory and ‘crowd psychology’, his original insights into group behavior, and the unconscious relationship between leaders and followers, Freud paved the way for the highly informative and productive turn in psychoanalysis towards the dynamics and consultation of individuals, groups and organizations. This introductory teaching manual shows how a psychodynamic approach to coaching, supervision and organizational consulting can contribute to greater understanding and scope for action within organizations.

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