About us

Thomas Giernalczyklinkpfeil

Certified Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Expedition Leader.

Guide. Mentor. Developer. Management artist. Inventive. Driving. Stabilizing.

At M19, he drives people, perspectives and organizations forward.

Mathias Lohmerlinkpfeil

Certified Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Bridge-builder.

Cultural expert. Reflective. Passionate. Humorous. Mediator. Crisis-tested. Skillful.

At M19, he connects cultures.

Markus Zimmermannlinkpfeil

Certified Business Economist, Personnel Development Manager and Navigator in Uncharted Waters.

Scout for potential. Complementary thinker. Dialogue partner. Innovator. Connector. Focused. Solution oriented.At M19, he designs consulting strategies for change processes.

Carla Albrechtlinkpfeil

Certified Psychologist, Systemicist and Aviator.

Foresighted. Pragmatic. Bringer of ideas. Navigator. Implementer. Authentic. Well-connected.

At M19, she sets the altitude.

linkpfeilFranziska Bauernschmitt

Psychologist, deliberator and helmswoman.

Sharp vision. Unshockable. Balancing force. Unifier. Cold-water swimmer. Kind. Accurate.

At M19 she is proactively prudent.

Lena Schiestellinkpfeil

Certified Psychologist, Theatre Scientist and Pulse Generator.

Knowledgeable. Empathetic. Versatile. Conscientious. Systematic. Consistent. Value-oriented.

At M19, she finds creative solutions for the seemingly impossible.

linkpfeilCalvin Bartel

Master of Science (sociology), management coach and transformer of worlds.

Cosmopolitan. Deeply reliable. Foresighted. Analytical. Decisive. Calm. Diplomatic.

At M19 he combines that which appears contradictory.

Dr. Philipp Hornlinkpfeil

Diplom psychologist, psychoanalyst and crisis expert.

Facilitator. Interceptor. Imaginative. Decisive. Illustrative. Accurate. Adept.

At M19 he represents a calm head and a rapid response.

linkpfeilAnne Seybold

Management Assistant, Finance Minister and Organisational Talent.

Facts and Figures Expert. Caring. Structured. Realistic. Perseverant. Methodical. Implementer.

At M19 she´s the backbone.

Diplom engineer, consultant and tracker.

Grounded. Pragmatic. Sensitive. Harmonising. Catalyst. Knowledgeable. Analytical.

At M19 he is the integrating bridge to the digital world.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Martius

Consultant for psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, social medicine und clinical expert.

Experience managing clinics and employees. Multi-professional orientation. Funny & kind. Organiser. Unifier. Gets to the bottom of things.

At M19 he stands for management experience and expertise in healthcare.

linkpfeilAndrey Katurzhevskiy

Diplom economist, Diplom psychologist and cultural expert.

Takes a macro view of tasks. Foresighted. Connects. Inventive.

At M19 he links German and Russian organisational cultures.