What can I expect from M19 coaching?

Initial phase: At the start of the coaching, we identify your motivations and your personal goals; this often involves examining a concrete situation that is typical of your job.  The duration and frequency of the coaching sessions are decided based on your changing objectives and your circumstances, and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Change phase: An important focus of the coaching sessions is the analysis of your job, roles and position within the organization: Which employees and which tasks are your responsibility? Which spheres of influence are associated with which consequences? Which tensions arise from the different demands placed on you? In this process, we consciously switch between structured, behavior-oriented coaching, and associative coaching strategies. In complex situations, for example, it can be useful to take a step back from the concrete behavioral analysis for a moment, and to examine your associations and emotions in order to develop new solutions. We always ensure that the translation and implementation of new approaches happens in the context of your professional daily life.

Concluding phase: Once you believe that satisfactory change has been achieved, or once we feel that further cycles would not bring you any closer to achieving your goal, the coaching moves into the concluding phase. In the final phase, the focus becomes wider once more: Which key messages have I learned? Which personal development steps am I in the process of taking? How can I impact my organization effectively?